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9:04pm 06-25-2012
Nuha Wahdan
Dear Garg Family,
I know it's been a long time since Yukta passed, but like you, I miss her a lot. We were friends in Daycare and we used to do drawings and arts and crafts together. Yeah she was a few years younger than me, but she was the nicest, most creative person there. I almost thought of her like a little sister. She was truly an amazing person. I'm so sorry for your loss.
~Nuha Wahdan
10:39pm 06-28-2010
Rajat & Poonam Garg
Hi Hemant and Arthi,

Thanks for organizing such a wonderful concert the other day and we had a great fun there. We wish you a good luck for the that yor working on and please keep doing the good work.

Rajat and Poonam Garg
2:52pm 12-16-2009
Dear Hemant and Arthi,

I have no idea how I got to this website. Its been years since we were in touch. You are doing a fantastic work through this foundation. Say hello to ishita.

8:05am 04-30-2009
Atul,Pratibha Phadke
Hello Arti and Hemant
It was very touching to see the beautiful art work of Yukta and the the way she wrote some of her thoughts.She will be remembered by every one.

Atul Pratibha Aditya and Anjali
11:10pm 02-28-2009
Hemant shah
Great work on the website. You have really worked hard and are continuing to work hard at this monumental project!
12:20am 11-14-2007
Simran/Darshan Sehbi
I was just exploring the India Club web site and happened to see Yukta's video clips. I could not help sharing my thoughts with you, her parents. I was touched by her vibrant and innocent beauty. It seems she enjoyed every bit of her short life. Someone once said those who live on in your memory never die and Yukta will live forever!
8:04pm 07-23-2007
Swati Deshpande

The concert was excellent. Just don’t have enough words to describe the feelings. Sanjivani is very very good, very expressive and we were all very happy to see you sing with her on stage and liked Arti’s speech.

You have done an excellent job in arranging the concert, everything was very well done and perfect. We all enjoyed the concert and all the family wants to send their thanks and appreciation.

We also liked her online video. Shiv was very good too and they had a very nice group.

6:30pm 07-23-2007
Harpreet Saini
Hi Arti, Hemant

Congratulations !!

The concert was excellent.

Thanks for bringing it to Dayton.

10:20am 07-20-2007
Sanjay & Sona Sharma
We really enjoyed the concert. The song selection was fabulous.

Sanjay Sharma
10:19am 07-20-2007
Hemant Shah
Thanks for bringing the stellar performance to Dayton. I know it must have been a lot of work. I think not only was the singer and her troupe good and professional and unassuming, your organization was great. Kudos to all who helped make it happen.

Hemant Shah
10:18am 07-20-2007
Harish Trivedi
Dear Hemant:

Congratulations to you and all the members of your team for wonderful evening of songs and dances (by the patrons) with the Sanjeevani group.

It was a great evening of music and comaraderie.

With best wishes for your future endeavors -

Harish Trivedi
Chairman, The India Foundation
2:15pm 04-16-2007
Alanna Moody
I wanted to send my condolences and let you know that Yukta and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers. I was Yukta's daycare teacher and I was in such shock when I heard the news and also saddened. I will always remember her smile and how she always wanted to be "my little helper" in the classroom while other students were at school. She is greatly missed
12:07pm 02-02-2007
Usha sanjeev singh
we all are remember you . you are allways in our heart . we all miss you a lot may god give peace to the departed soul . love to Yukta . You will be remember allways in our heart . With regards ......... Usha sanjeed singh .
12:13pm 01-16-2007
Cheryl & Phil Rains
You are in our thoughts and prayers. I am so happy to see the work on the playground project. A very fitting tribute. Take care of yourselves,
6:51pm 01-05-2007
Dear Garg Family,
We are so sorry for your loss. We did not know Yukta, but from everything we hear, she was a wonderful girl. So wonderful that Roshni Venkatesh requested that for her birthday, the girls invited to the party, should contribute to the Yukta Garg Memorial fund rather than bring a gift to the party. We hope it will bring you some comfort to know how highly Yukta was regarded by so many people. Take care.
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